Yes, there can be three types of registration.
 1) 'Primary owner' - The first registration made by a company employee is assigned as 'Primary owner', being the only employee who can delete the account associated with the company. This typology also allows the editing of company data, inviting new employees to collaborate and managing the data of registered employees. It is only one employee associated with this type, and it is not possible to delete this account. This employee may transfer this type of user to another.
 2) 'Owner' - This user will have the same permissions as the 'Primary Owner', editing company data, inviting new employees to collaborate and manage the data of registered employees, and may even delete their own user account.
 3) ‘Collaborator’ - This user, in addition to editing his own data, will be able to view the list of registered users from the same organization and view company data.
 Registrations made after receiving an invitation will be automatically classified as ‘Collaborator’.

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